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Online Tech World Tour: Virginia–it’s for lovers, and data centers

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My Online Tech World Tour has been amazing, and I’ve enjoyed learning more about our data centers in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. There is no better place to wrap up my travels than Loudoun County in northern Virginia, which is the world’s single largest data center market!

While the state slogan is “Virginia is for Lovers,” Virginia is world famous for its proximity to our nation’s capital, its storied history as the OG colony of the 13 U.S. colonies, and its prevalence on the world stage of data centers. Fully 70 percent of the world’s internet traffic passes through the 10 million square feet of data centers situated in Loudoun County. How cool is that?

Online Tech Virginia blog 1.jpg
The exterior of DC 12, Online Tech’s home in “Data Center Alley.” (Photo courtesy of Equinix)

Online Tech’s data center is in the Equinix Washington, DC IBX® DC12 in Ashburn, Virginia and offers customers access to one of the top three peering exchange markets and the largest peering exchange in the U.S. east coast. It consists of 10 buildings with more than 808,000 square feet of colocation space. This offers great options for flexibility in colocation options and cost, although any of Online Tech’s cloud and data protection services are available at this facility as well.

Some of the benefits of this location include:

  • Compliance with key federal regulations and industry standards
  • Proximity to high concentrations of IT, telecommunications, biotechnology, federal government and international organizations in the D.C. area. Proven record for growth in colocation, network density and interconnectivity with room for expansion
  • Access to one of the top three peering and exchange markets, including the largest peering exchange on the U.S. East Coast
  • Provides connections to key metro areas such as Chicago, New York and London
  • Home to one of three GRX peering locations in the world
  • Ashburn campus provides connectivity to AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure through the Equinix Cloud Exchange™
Virginia is for lovers slogan.png
2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the slogan, “Virginia is for Lovers.” The tourism campaign has been recognized on the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame.

The Online Tech data center in Virginia is also a major communications gateway to Europe and the largest peering point in North America. My trip to “Data Center Alley,” might make you wonder about the safety of having such a high concentration of cloud providers in one place. However, the redundancy and backup fail safes that are Online Tech’s hallmark mean you can rest easy that no single physical location is responsible for your security. And that, my friends, is the true beauty of the cloud.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your journey with me as I traveled from Michigan to Texas to Indianapolis, then on to Sydney, Melbourne, Manchester and Las Vegas. After so much excitement, I’m not sure how I’ll top the events of the past two months. I just may have to reinvent myself…

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