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Online Tech World Tour: Hello from Melbourne!

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog about my world tour of Online Tech’s great locations! Hanging out here in Melbourne today. I took a quick flight from Sydney to get here. The drive takes about 10 hours, and I didn’t have a minute to waste!

An exterior shot of the Melbourne cloud node. Definitely not your average looking data center! Photo credit: Equinix

I’ve had a great time touring the sites here. I’ve seen the St. Kilda train station, Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and of course, Online Tech’s cloud node here. What an amazing space!

Here are some cool facts I learned during my tour:

  1. Certified against SOC 1, SOC 2 (type 2), PCI and ISO 27001 audits
  2. The Melbourne location is part of the Equinix Exchange Fabric™, which is specifically designed for redundancy, proximity and flexibility.
  3. The data center is comprised of three facilities interconnected between two campuses, for a total of 91,000 square feet. Trust me, it took a minute to complete my tour!
  4. Online Tech’s services like cloud, disaster recovery, backup and others are all available at the Melbourne cloud node!
  5. The Melbourne facility is a three-time recipient of the Australia Data Center of the Year award from Frost and Sullivan (2011, 2012, 2016).
St. Kilda train station
The St. Kilda train station. Too bad I can’t take the train to Manchester!

After the tour, I hopped on the phone for a quick meeting with the finance team from Online Tech, based back in the States. Honestly, for being finance people, they were a fun bunch! The team is led by Tom Wilten, CFO, and Kathy Fox, VP of Finance. Really though, the people you need to meet are Regina Fowler, Cristina Yancura and Onika Scribner. They’re the ones who regularly meet with clients and partners to help them with any billing or contract questions. You can reach any of them at [email protected]. They’re more than willing and able to help you!

Well, I’d better wrap up before my next flight out. I’m headed to Manchester, United Kingdom next! I’ll be sporting my Man-U jersey for sure, so keep an eye out for me if the team makes it on TV! Until next time!

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