Disaster. What disaster?

With Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), revolutionize the strategy of disaster recovery for your business and restore your critical systems within minutes, not hours. We take the complexity that comes with constructing, operating, testing and maintaining a disaster recovery infrastructure and make it simple with Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Otava’s fully managed and turnkey disaster recovery as a service offers the rapid recovery of virtualized applications that today’s businesses demand. Deploy in any location at any time, and conduct tests as often as needed. Featuring RPOs of one hour or better, aggressive RTOs and custom playbooks tailored specifically for your organization, you’ll have peace of mind that you can fail over when needed, without hassle.

Why Otava Disaster Recovery

What makes DRaaS from Otava better than the rest? Here are just a few reasons why clients across the industry love disaster recovery with Otava:

Flexible and intuitive

  • Perform unlimited DR tests at any time without affecting production
  • Protect virtualized applications anywhere around the world
  • Graphical interface to perform a DR test/failover

Simple and turnkey

  • Fully managed solution, including step-by-step recovery
  • Intuitive, easy-to-follow and custom built DR runbook for each organization’s unique needs
  • No technical knowledge required to set up or perform a failover
  • No additional hardware, licensing or management required, saving you time and money

Rapid and reliable recovery

  • Aggressive RTOs and 1 hour guaranteed RPOs or lower
  • Proactive reminders to test, plus full records of prior tests

DRaaS can be deployed anywhere, no matter what cloud provider you choose or global region you grow into, making it easy to add this IT data protection onto existing services. With our 11 global locations, it’s easy to recover your environment from anywhere in the world. And unlike many other providers, Otava provides the expert guidance on how to use our templates and tools to ensure complete protection across application stacks. Rely upon our legendary support team, available 24x7x365, to minimize disruption to your mission-critical applications, and consider them an extension of your own in-house IT resources.

Easily trackable testing

Disaster Recovery as a Service by Otava helps you stay up to date with testing your recovery process, whether it’s mandated for compliance reasons or simply as a best practice. You’ll receive a fully tested solution and run book, unlimited testing any time and tracking capabilities that don’t incur additional charges. The system tracks all tests for you and lets you know when it’s time to test again. And with regular testing, achieve RPO and RTOs that are measured in minutes, not hours, so you can recover fast when you need it most.


Always secure, always encrypted

Your data is always encrypted, both in transit and at rest, keeping your confidential information safe and secure. With dozens of successful DR test and years of experience helping our clients successfully fail over under our belts, meeting financial or healthcare regulations just became easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Join the legions of companies large and small that trust their data protection needs to Otava.

Disaster recovery that moves at your speed

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, we have the solutions and expertise to take you to the next step and beyond. Whether you’re new to cloud or an established cloud native organization, Otava disaster recovery solutions and our legendary team of engineers will help you overcome the obstacles and accelerate digital transformation to achieve seriously exceptional outcomes.