Disaster. What disaster?

Change the strategy of disaster recovery for your business and recover your critical systems within minutes, not hours. We take the complexity that comes with constructing, operating, testing and maintaining a disaster recovery infrastructure and make it simple with Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Easily trackable testing

Disaster Recovery as a Service by Otava helps you stay up to date with testing your recovery process, whether it’s mandated for compliance reasons or simply as a best practice. The system tracks all tests for you, lets you know when it’s time to test again and makes it easy to test whenever you want. And with regular testing, achieve RPO and RTOs that are measured in minutes, not hours.


Always secure, always encrypted

Your data is always encrypted, both in transit and at rest, keeping your confidential information safe and secure. Financial or healthcare regulations just became easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Flexibility and control options tailored for you

Looking for more management of your systems or that of your clients? We’re happy to turn the reins over to you. If you prefer for us to stay in the driver’s seat, we can do that, too. Your wish is our command.

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