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OTAVA® Cloud is the easiest way to enable bold business transformation, even in data-sensitive environments. Our secure and purpose-built cloud infrastructures promote cost optimization, improved network performance, and robust business resiliency, along with total customization:

Multi-tenant or single-tenant: Optimize your cloud experience by placing workloads in the cloud best suited for them, or a combination of both.

Managed or self-managed: Choose the cloud experience that’s right for your business.

No matter which variations you choose, you can rest easy knowing OTAVA’s people-centered support team is available any time of day, all year round.

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Elevate and accelerate your entire enterprise.


Quickly grow or shrink your cloud workloads without purchasing any hardware to effectively respond to market demands.


Select from our many data centers strategically located across the globe to achieve extensive redundancy.

Environment Transparency

Instantly gain visibility into your system’s health and performance.

Streamlined Workload Migration

Backup, evacuate, or replicate VMs or entire data centers in a few clicks to a resilient VCD-powered cloud.

Peace of Mind

Protect business data off-site virtually to ensure continuity in the event of a catastrophe.

Features & Benefits of Cloud Server Infrastructure include:

Self-Service Interface and Role Based Access

Manage your own environment using a single pane of glass to provision and consume cloud services, including third-party services and cloud provider-built services. Delegate control of applications, infrastructure, and networking management.

No Ingress or Egress Fees

Move resources and workloads to and from your cloud environment as needed without additional fees.

Integrated Veeam & VMware Tools

Manage backup and continuity solutions to fully protect workloads and data, quickly and easily.

Multi-Tenant Resource Pooling

Create virtual data centers from common or distributed infrastructure that caters to heterogeneous enterprise customer needs.

Natively Integrate Offerings

OTAVA Cloud has an open, extensible form-factor, leveraged by leading data protection, storage, network, security, and other cloud software vendors.

Managed and Self-Managed Options

Leave it to our cloud experts to optimize your secure, compliant backups, or choose to handle this yourself.

Compliance comes standard.

Cloud compliance and security practices are ingrained in everything we do. We are certified in HIPAA; HITECH; HITRUST; SSAE18; SOC 1, 2, 3; PCI-DSS; and ISO 27001, placing OTAVA in an elite group of organizations worldwide.

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Client Testimonials

“Hosting our service with OTAVA’s private cloud has given us the ability to scale up as needed. We can now meet any transaction volume requirement to satisfy any amount of new clients and partners, which gives us and our customers peace of mind.”

– Chas Patterson, CIO, Form I-9 Compliance

“OTAVA presented a great way to lower costs by providing us the opportunity to virtualize the server environment. Their expertise and private cloud were integral to the project’s success…We have trusted OTAVA with the heartbeat of our business.”

– Dean Scaros, President and Founder, Pay-Ease

“OTAVA’s hybrid cloud solutions are fully managed by their team of experts, which gives us the confidence that we will avoid any potential costly disruption to our business and frees us up to focus on delivering excellent service to our customers.”

– Michael Franklin, Ph.D., Director of IT, Evans Distribution Systems

“Knowing that we take an important approach to security and that our partner, OTAVA, takes an important approach to security, that’s a big selling point for our clients.”

– Gavin Murphy, CEO, Annkissam

“The fact that OTAVA is a one-stop shop for all of TCT’s hosting needs is an enormous benefit. In the security and compliance consulting side of the business, we appreciate the value of being able to get all your needs reliably handled by one trusted vendor, rather than a multitude of providers that must be managed individually.”

– Adam Goslin, CEO, TCT

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Learn how our purpose-built solutions have positively impacted our clients, helping them unlock new solutions and uncover business opportunities.

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