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KellyConnect: A Cloud Hosting Case Study

Case Studies

The Challenge

KellyConnect® is a BPO Contact Center and IT Help Desk practice of Kelly Services®. In 2015, as KellyConnect’s client needs grew, the company realized its current infrastructure couldn’t possibly handle the new demand placed upon it. The KellyConnect team wanted to improve their server and network capability in a way that would allow for future growth without having to worry about managing the staff, resources, equipment, and time that would be associated with such growth.

“We reached out to OTAVA to engage their expertise,” said Sandi Alward-Bury, Director, Technology and Operations for KellyConnect. “We really wanted someone who was going to take care of the infrastructure and all that is associated with it while designing a solution to support our business model.”

The Solution

OTAVA designed a comprehensive solution in two weeks that completely overhauled KellyConnect’s infrastructure, increased their storage space and network capacity, and added flexibility. They placed KellyConnect’s servers in the cloud and moved their entire environment from a physical to a virtual one.

“We knew our needs were going to double this year,” Valerie Wyson, KellyConnect IT Service Manager, said. “A scalable, cloud-based environment was the perfect solution for KellyConnect.”

The solution was proposed in February, and quickly put into action. After financial approval was obtained in April, the technical changes were implemented in July and finished by August.

“The solution was quite encompassing, very flexible,” Valerie said.

Because the new environment is entirely virtual, the ease of upgrading was immediately apparent. OTAVA designed the new infrastructure to allow for current growth as well as doubling or tripling potential future requirements, all without needing to swap out physical equipment.

“The production impact to existing customers is non-existent,” Valerie said. “Memory, CPU and hard disk upgrades are easily managed with just the click of a button without disrupting any service.”

Valerie continued, “OTAVA is a true partner. As our needs have changed, OTAVA has always been there and consistently shown us that they are looking out for our best interests. Our needs have constantly changed, and OTAVA has been flexible and looking out for us. They strive to recommend proactive solutions even before we are aware of the need for change.”

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