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Choosing the right cloud solution is crucial to ensuring your enterprise has the level of support it needs to be successful. That’s why we offer a number of managed services designed to meet your needs and bottom line.

OTAVA® Managed Infrastructure takes on the complexity of maintaining and optimizing your cloud environment so you don’t have to. Leverage OTAVA’s cloud professionals to manage your infrastructure, while you focus on the core competencies of your business. Enjoy comprehensive reports of your cloud’s performance delivered every month, week, or even day, and 24x7x365 monitoring and support from the experts at OTAVA to keep your infrastructure humming. We make the management of your IT infrastructure our mission, so that your team can focus on yours.

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OTAVA Managed Data and Workload Protection, offers users fast, secure and reliable cloud backup and disaster recovery with advanced management and optimization by OTAVA. With 24×7 monitoring, detailed diagnostics of failures, and hands-on management of data protection, Managed Data and Workload Protection is ideal for organizations interested in spending more time focused on their core competencies, and less time troubleshooting.

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Client Testimonials

“Knowing that we take an important approach to security and that our partner, OTAVA, takes an important approach to security, that’s a big selling point for our clients.”

– Gavin Murphy, CEO, Annkissam

“OTAVA’s hybrid cloud solutions are fully managed by their team of experts, which gives us the confidence that we will avoid any potential costly disruption to our business and frees us up to focus on delivering excellent service to our customers.”

– Michael Franklin, Ph.D., Director of IT, Evans Distribution Systems

“Before this migration, we had business opportunities that we had to turn away because we didn’t have all the necessary underlying hosting certifications. This solution has opened up our capability to interact with almost any client.”

– Adam Goslin, CEO, TCT

“I feel that the [migration] went very well, fast and efficient…couldn’t have asked for more! I want to pass along a BIG thanks to everyone involved, couldn’t have made it happen without their assistance! Thanks again!”

– Steve Werner, Director of Technology, Milhaus

“OTAVA’s HIPAA compliance was a big positive for us because the healthcare industry and the people among the community are really concerned about that. We feel there is a lot of value that OTAVA provides, and as an early adopter of healthcare data security and privacy compliance, their services ended up being a perfect fit for us.”

– Chandil Pinchi, CIO, ModuleMD

“OTAVA is an expert in this area with a great track record. Implementation was smooth and took less than two weeks. We look forward to the ongoing benefits of these new, secure virtual cloud environments while we maintain our focus on our core business function, which is serving our members.”

– Steve Pon, Project Manager, HQI

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