Extraordinary Tales

When we say people first, we mean it.

True stories of OTAVA® employees who have gone above and beyond to save the day for their customers.

When we literally helped capture terrorists.

OTAVA® is credited with helping the CIA bust a terrorist group based in the Philippines that was plotting to steal military weapons. Of course, we didn’t know these details at the time. The CIA devised a front company, paying us cash for a dedicated server to trap these thieves. Our employees helped our mystery client (whose representatives never had the same name or phone number) add Google Analytics to help them understand who was visiting their website (i.e., track bad guys). These heroics helped bust the terrorists, resulting in a ‘Thank you’ letter from the CIA themselves. Mission accomplished.


When we helped a client recover from a disaster during the Super Bowl.

On a weekend in February, a client contacted us, frantic because their production environment had been destroyed due to a water leak in their data center. They desperately needed help restoring from their recovery environment — on Super Bowl Sunday. Our team put their game faces on and immediately started working with the client, through day and night, to restore as much of their environment as possible. The company’s board of directors was thankful, writing: “Sincere appreciation for all efforts from all teams to get us where we are today. We’re grateful for the hard work that all teams have put in to get us to this point [of stability].” Talk about a recovery.

When our sales team continued a presentation despite a tornado warning.

Two of our account representatives had an important meeting with a CIO that had been planned for weeks. During the meeting, a tornado warning was issued for the area. As sirens shrieked to take cover, our team dutifully filed to safety before continuing their presentation to the CIO. They knew his time was valuable and didn’t want to inconvenience him by having to reschedule, despite the approaching cyclone. It just goes to show the perfect storm has nothing on the perfect team.


When our engineers are there for our clients, even in the hospital.

One of our networking engineers was on the phone with a client helping them solve a complex networking issue. Sounds pretty normal, right? Except that he was on the phone in a hospital bed while literally being prepped and wheeled into surgery. Not that we condone such tenacious dedication to customer service, but you can really get the sense that our experts will help our clients no matter what – in sickness and in health.

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