OTAVA® DRaaS, Powered by Zerto

Reduce the risk of extended downtime and the consequences that come with it.

Robust Disaster Recovery for whatever life throws at you.

In today’s always-on business world people expect 24/7 access to services and data, and unplanned downtime from natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and outages are some of today’s biggest availability threats. With OTAVA® DRaaS, powered by Zerto, organizations can achieve resiliency against unplanned downtime and catastrophic data loss.

OTAVA® DRaaS enables your organization to recover from a disruption or an outage with the lowest recovery point objectives (RPOs) and fastest recovery time objectives (RTOs) in the industry, dramatically limiting your risk of data loss and downtime. Available in both managed and self-managed options, OTAVA® DRaaS powered by Zerto effectively minimizes the potential consequences of extended downtime.

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Get the most out of DRaaS powered by Zerto:

Minimize Down-Time

Recover and restore workloads in minutes to quickly resume normal operations, reducing potential loss-of-revenue.

Increase Business Resilience

Improve your ability to recover quicker from a disaster or cybercrime, and strengthen your business continuity posture.

Save Money

Choose different RTO and RPO’s for each unique workload to optimize spend and availability.

Protect Brand Confidence

Take proactive measures to protect company data, and recover quickly to preserve customer and employee trust in the event of a disaster or outage.


Cloud compliance and security practices are ingrained in everything we do. We are certified in HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, SSAE18, SOC 1, 2, 3, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001, placing OTAVA in an elite group of organizations worldwide.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing your mission critical databases are protected off-site and available in the event of a catastrophe.

Features and Benefits of Zerto DRaaS include:

Application Consistent Recovery

Zerto logically groups virtual machines and containers to combine all workloads in an application, a department, a site, or any combination you need. A virtual protection group (VPG) keeps data consistent across all workloads in the group, so you can recover applications with confidence.

Failover and Recovery Automation

Recover within minutes in just a few clicks, whether recovering a single file, one or more applications, or an entire site. Zertoʼs automation and orchestration recover virtual machines and containers and their data together in virtual protection groups so that applications are back online quickly following a disaster with minimal manual interaction needed.

Continuous Data Protection

OTAVA DRaaS powered by Zerto replicates all data changes in real time to a journal where recovery checkpoints are created every five seconds. This recovery journal can be local, remote, or both, enabling fast recovery of individual files, virtual machines, containers, entire applications, and sites to a point seconds before a disruption.

Simple, Software-Only Solution, with Reporting and Analytics

Built-in orchestration and automation to reduce the time, resources, and cost of performing failovers, failback, and testing. Analytics built into the solution provide one single, comprehensive view of your entire multi-site, multi-cloud environment. OTAVA’s transparent reporting gives you confidence that you are prepared for a disaster of any kind.

Non-Disruptive Disaster Recovery Testing

Test recovery scenarios often without disrupting your production environment. You can test recovery of individual applications or entire sites with built-in test reports to prepare for a disaster and meet compliance requirements.

Managed and Self-Managed Options

Leave it to our cloud experts to optimize the secure, effective transfer & restoration of your data, or choose to take the reins over yourself.

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Client Testemonials

“OTAVA is an expert in this area with a great track record. Implementation was smooth and took less than two weeks. We look forward to the ongoing benefits of these new, secure virtual cloud environments while we maintain our focus on our core business function, which is serving our members.”

– Steve Pon, Project Manager, HQI

“OTAVA has all the redundancy and power infrastructure. I sleep relatively comfortable knowing that if there is a power failure, the lights are going to be on here; everything’s going to be running.”

– Nate Buchholz, VP of Information Services, Genesys Physician Hospital Organization

“The level of service across the board from OTAVA has been nothing short of exceptional. It’s only getting better and better as the years go along.”

– Brian Allen, CEO, Progressive Data Services

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“Knowing that we take an important approach to security and that our partner, OTAVA, takes an important approach to security, that’s a big selling point for our clients.”

– Gavin Murphy, CEO, Annkissam

“OTAVA’s HIPAA compliance was a big positive for us because the healthcare industry and the people among the community are really concerned about that. We feel there is a lot of value that OTAVA provides, and as an early adopter of healthcare data security and privacy compliance, their services ended up being a perfect fit for us.”

– Chandil Pinchi, CIO, ModuleMD

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