Diligent data protection that works on your terms

When it comes to your data, you shouldn’t have to choose between security and availability. That’s why Otava data protection offers the best of both worlds. Our data protection solution portfolio includes an array of enterprise-grade disaster recovery and backup solutions that simplify the complexity associated with planning, building and maintaining secondary and tertiary sites. You decide whether you want to manage the infrastructure or have us do it for you.

Learn more about our data protection solutions below.

Disaster Recovery as a Service:

Change the strategy of disaster recovery for your business and recover your critical systems within minutes, not hours. It’s simple with Otava Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Cloud Backup:

Otava cloud backup is making backup great again. Choose from on or off site recovery to or from our data centers. Our dedicated commitment to security and compliance helps ensure your data is safe no matter where it lives.

Precise recovery achieved in minutes

We understand that a business that’s offline for even a couple of hours may never recover. It’s not in our DNA to accept that. And data loss associated with being down? Fuhgeddaboudit. We prefer to help you recover the specific data you need in minutes instead of hours. With Otava’s comprehensive disaster recovery and backup solutions, it’s all done in just a few clicks. Our support staff is here to cheer you on as you get back to business faster than ever.

Managed or self-managed options

Get more control with Otava. We offer customized degrees of management to match whatever your unique service delivery model requires. Are you the type that gets down and dirty managing your full stack or that of your clients? Our self-managed services are for you, and we wish you well. Prefer to manage just the application and not worry about the infrastructure that comes with it? Leave the boring management stuff to us–we’ve got you–while you move on to bigger and better things.

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