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Online Tech world tour: Hello from Indianapolis!

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Greetings from Indianapolis! I’m on the third stop of my world tour of Online Tech’s locations, and I’m really enjoying my stay in Indy so far!

The Indy data center boasts a spotless server room. So clean!

I toured Online Tech’s Indianapolis data center today! Did you know that it’s home to state-of-the-art cloudcolocation and disaster recovery environments of clients across all industries? In fact, many clients set up their production environment in Online Tech’s Mid-Michigan data center and set up their disaster recovery environment in Indy–the geographical separation between the two can’t be beat!

One of the conference areas in the Indy data center. Great collaboration space!

Other cool features of our Indy data center:

  • 44,000 square feet of standalone space, with 16,000 square feet of raised floor
  • Features fiber connectivity from four different telecom providers to give that carrier neutral feel
  • Audited against HIPAA, PCI, SOX compliances
  • All critical equipment is N+1 with full redundancy across core network and security systems

Fun fact: It’s also located conveniently right across the street from Lucas Oil Stadium, where the Indianapolis Colts play! I couldn’t take in a game because it’s the offseason, but I know that the data center would be a great place to hold a tailgate party!

The view of the data center looks out onto Lucas Oil Stadium, where the Indianapolis Colts play.

There’s also a great sales team that’s based here. They’re incredibly friendly and down to earth, and happy to help answer any questions clients and partners have.

I’m getting ready to hop on a plane and make the long trek to my next destination–Australia! See you on the other side!

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