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Online Tech World Tour: Greetings from Michigan!

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Welcome to the world tour of Online Tech’s cloud locations! After we acquired the cloud assets and infrastructure of IT provider Neverfail, we decided to show off each of our locations and introduce some of the awesome people behind the scenes. So, we’re starting right here with the birthplace and headquarters of Online Tech: Michigan!

Online Tech has a total of four facilities spread strategically throughout Michigan. Our locations include Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit and Mid Michigan. We also have our (shiny new) headquarters in Ann Arbor.

(Did you know? Online Tech has moved to a new HQ! Check it out at our open house!)

Here are some interesting nuggets of information about each Michigan location that you might not know:

mid-michigan data center.jpg
Our data center in Mid Michigan.

Mid-Michigan: Our Mid-Michigan data center was originally GM’s DR site. As you might guess, it makes for an excellent DR site and also serves as our main cloud node in Michigan. The NOC is staffed 24/7/365 so you know your systems are always watched over.

Metro Detroit: This data center boasts 34,500 square feet, including 18,000 square feet of 24-inch raised floor. Fun fact: The Mayor of Westland presented Online Tech with an award at this data center, which you can check out on our lobby wall!

Ann Arbor 1: This is the OG Ann Arbor data center! It offers convenient highway access to I-94 and has helped many clients gain peace of mind knowing that they have close access to their data if they need it.

Ann Arbor 2: The second Ann Arbor location is just around the corner from the first. This close proximity allows for low latency availability solutions. AA2, along with all of our Michigan data centers, is 100% compliant with HIPAA, PCI, SOC 1, SOC 2, EU-US Privacy Shield, and ISO 27001 regulations.

AA2 data center
Our second data center in Ann Arbor. Its large and secure lobby makes it a great place to hold private meetings.

Our Service Delivery team works out of the headquarters and data centers in Michigan. Cyndi Lyon is Online Tech’s new Director of Service Delivery, and she’s responsible for working with our operations team to ensure that clients and channel partners have an exceptional service experience. Have you met her yet? If not, I highly encourage it! She’s way cool and totally dedicated to client support.

Cyndi Lyon
Cyndi Lyon, Director of Service Delivery at Online Tech. She’s way cool!

What does that mean? Well, Cyndi and her team are currently working on unifying and expanding the operations support team to provide a seamless and frictionless experience. That includes adding more staff to assist with customer questions and engaging customers through phone calls and feedback surveys to ensure we’re connecting with you and delivering what you need.

Hope you enjoyed this first stop on the tour! Be sure to follow me, Owen of Online Tech, as I travel the world visiting Online Tech’s worldwide locations! There are many more to come as we’ve only just started our travels. Next up, we’ll be heading south to sunny Austin, Texas!

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