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Accumulation Technologies Partners with Online Tech for HIPAA Compliant Hybrid Cloud

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February 27, 2018, Ann Arbor Mich. – Online Tech is pleased to announce it has been chosen as the hybrid IT provider of choice for Accumulation Technologies, or AccumTech.

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AccumTech is a Michigan-based data management company that provides data management solutions to help healthcare insurance companies process and transmit data to and from claim administrators, pharmacy benefit managers, carriers and other vendors.

Based on their fast growth rate, AccumTech knew they needed a higher level of availability to keep up with their data demands than their current in-house infrastructure could provide. According to Andrew Madonna, Vice President of AccumTech, they were looking for a hosting provider who thoroughly understood their security and HIPAA compliance needs and could quickly evolve with the company. They also specifically needed offsite, reliable disaster recovery and backup locations.

AccumTech was very impressed with Online Tech’s culture of compliance and their enterprise-class data centers. Madonna was especially pleased that Online Tech stresses security, data integrity and regulatory compliance such as HIPAA,PCI and SOC 1 and 2 as seriously as AccumTech does.

“Finding a cloud provider who can properly handle HIPAA and confidentiality requirements was tricky for us, because the cloud has not been well addressed by the Health and Human Services department,” he said. “We were very adamant that whatever vendor we brought in, needed to take security and protection very seriously. Online Tech overdoes it in credentials, and they overdo it with maintaining best-in-class secure and stable environments. They really drew us to the type of vendor we wanted to work with.”

Online Tech built a high-availability hybrid environment for AccumTech consisting of their Virtual Private Cloud and AccumTech’s colocated environment in Online Tech’s Mid-Michigan data center.The scalability and performance of the cloud, combined with high-availability colocation was the solution that perfectly fit AccumTech’s needs and allowed for rapid future growth.

They added Online Tech’s data protection services to manage their disaster recovery, archive their data backup snapshots, and handle data clearance. Online Tech’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides a fully managed solution that offers an RPO of one hour or less without sacrificing performance or security. Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) provides secure long-term data archival that’s easily retrievable for compliance purposes. Together, these services give AccumTech a complete business continuity solution with peace of mind knowing their systems are safe and compliant in the event of an emergency.

“AccumTech is a forward-thinking company that is making a positive impact on the healthcare industry by providing high-quality data management solutions,” said Nick Lumsden, Vice President of Technology and Product Strategy. “I am delighted that our fully managed infrastructure will help them continue to serve their customers.”

For more information about Online Tech’s secure, compliant cloud, colocation, disaster recovery, data protection and other offerings, visit www.onlinetech.com. To read the full case study about AccumTech, visit http://www.onlinetech.com/resources/case-studies/accumulation-technologies-a-hipaa-compliant-hybrid-cloud-case-study

About Online Tech

Online Tech is the leader in secure, compliant hybrid cloud, colocation, disaster recovery and data protection services. Their industry-leading portal, OTPortal™, enables clients to view and manage all of their IT systems in a single pane of glass. Backed by independent HIPAA, PCI, SSAE 18, EU-US Privacy Shield and SOC 2 audits Online Tech delivers exceptional experiences for businesses seeking a fully managed IT-as-a-service provider. For more information, call 877-740-5028 email [email protected] or visit www.onlinetech.com.

Press contact: Christopher Rizzo, Marketing Manager, Online Tech, 734.213.2020 x 116 or [email protected].

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