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Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Security, Reliability & Availability Desired

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Private CloudAccording to a recent survey by IT research firm Neovise as reported by CIOInsight.com of over 800 IT decision-makers in the U.S., enterprise cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is the most widely adopted form of cloud computing. Thirty-seven percent of organizations use private, on-premise IaaS, while 35 percent use private, off-premise IaaS clouds. Another 37 percent use public IaaS clouds.

When it comes to the importance of enterprise private cloud attributes, security for sensitive data is rated as highly or somewhat important, at 93 percent of respondents. For concerns around security, check your cloud provider’s dates and reports of independent audits, including SSAE 16, SOC 2, HIPAA (for healthcare) and PCI DSS (for ecommerce and retail). Or, ask for a tour of their facilities to verify their physical, administrative and technical security safeguards.

Enterprise Private Cloud
Enterprise Private Cloud; Source: CIOInsight.com

A close second in desired private cloud attributes is better provisioning (91 percent) and third, advanced management (87 percent). Ask your cloud provider what kind of access they give your organization for control – typically they will provide a web portal you can log into and use to start, stop, and take snapshots of your servers.

Ninety-four percent surveyed reported cloud application usage included disaster recovery, while 93 percent used it for application testing. Another 92 percent used it for production of applications of average importance, and 88 used the cloud to support mission-critical applications.

For the public cloud, IT decision-makers favor reliability and availability at 67 percent (beyond security concerns). Consistency of performance is second at 64 percent, and performance is 63 percent. For a reliable and available cloud, check your cloud provider’s infrastructure and data center design for full redundancy of all critical components – including power, network, servers, switches, and more.

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