Otava professional services overview 2020

Legendary service backed by legendary support

No amateur hour here. Otava’s professional services are designed to be just that — professional. We strive for the highest quality and don’t stop until we exceed expectations in everything we do. Whether you need remote server management, expert assistance migrating to the cloud, or want to completely transform your business for the future, we’ve got what it takes to help you reach your goals with a little panache on the side.

Database services

Improve database efficiency and performance with Otava. We’ll give you as much on- or off-hours support as you need to make your database the shining jewel of your IT environment. Ready to make database administration great again? We are, too.

Digital transformation assessment

Future-proof your business and take steps toward accomplishing meaningful business and technological goals with our digital transformation assessment. Your journey starts here.

Cloud migration services

Moving to the cloud? We’ll help you pack and unload. We know everyone needs help moving at least once in their life, but nobody likes doing it. Except us.

Remote monitoring and management services

Meet the newest member of your IT family: Otava. We offer hands-on server monitoring and management for those who prefer a hands-off approach.

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