Take ownership of the public cloud

We understand that public cloud comes with its own special set of challenges. Whether you’re working with MS Azure, AWS, Google or a hybrid cloud environment, security and cost management can be challenging. Otava is here to help you conquer those challenges — and more — to ensure your victory in the cloud. To do that, we’ll help you plan, build and deploy public cloud infrastructures. Our specialty? Working with companies who require a high degree of compliance, such as financial, healthcare and retail organizations. Bring us your toughest public cloud requirements, and let’s get ’em done.

Otava public cloud services include:

  • Consultations to improve the security and productivity in your cloud
  • Custom tools to help manage and optimize your costs
  • Migration of existing workloads
  • 24/7 monitoring and support

Build your perfect hybrid cloud solution

Public cloud is a key component of any true hybrid cloud solution. So whether you have your own equipment that requires a more resilient infrastructure, dedicated resources that are in need of, or need a direct connection to the public cloud for long-term data retention, we can help. Tap into the flexibility and scalability of hyperscale providers for workloads that are temporary in nature or special in other ways, and keep your persistent or unique workloads on a private cloud for higher security and privacy controls for true cloud optimization. At Otava, the cloud world is your oyster.

Cost optimization you won’t find anywhere else with SprawlGuard®

SprawlGuard® technology is a unique, powerful tool included with all Otava cloud services that’s specifically designed to help you manage your cloud spend. You define precise cost centers, and watch SprawlGuard® technology employ advanced usage analytics to manage them. You gain visibility into your overall spend, its changes, and its impact so that you can see and measure potential sprawl in real time.

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