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Why Colocation?

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How to managed IT demands efficiently

As the demands on IT increase, managing the expertise and resources required to support the entire IT delivery stack is becoming more difficult and more expensive for many mid-size firms. Many firms are finding that colocation offers an attractive alternative – outsourcing the data center infrastructure to experts that can provide higher levels of uptime at the same time keeping the mission critical knowledge of their data and business applications inside the company.

Colocation is a cap-ex free (no capital expense required) alternative to maintaining your own data center. Rather than invest the capital in backup generators, UPS and HVAC units, and network and the operating expense in trained data center expertise, colocation lets you leverage a multi-tenant data center that has already made the investment in the infrastructure and personnel.

Why Managed Colocation?

By colocating in multi-tenant data centers, firms can take advantage of very high levels of expertise and uptime at a fraction of the cost of running their own data center. Managed colocation effectively shares the infrastructure, operating costs, and access to experienced data center staff across a number of companies.

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