The Costs of Owning and Operating A Dedicated Server

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How is a Managed Server Like Leasing a Car?

Remember the first time you bought a car?

You finally saved up enough money to go down to the local car dealer and look at a few of the floor models. Only a couple hundred bucks a month for a good lease. You thought, “Yeah, I can afford that.” You go home to your parents and explain to them the great deal you saw today at the car dealership.

Then they hit you with a big reality check: reminding you how much things like insurance, gas, tires, oil changes, and tune-ups would cost over the life of the car.

Costs of a Dedicated Server.

The costs associated with a managed dedicated server are much like that of a car. The actual physical server may be fairly cheap, but the costs to operate and maintain it can be very high. Just like a car, you need space to store it, power to operate it, security to protect it, and insurance to help repair it when something goes wrong. And that is just for a normal car. Can you imagine how much it would cost and how much of your time it would require if you needed your car to be 99.9% reliable? In the case of dedicated servers, that is not a rare requirement.

What many companies are doing to lower the costs of servers.

It is no wonder that many IT departments chose to outsource their servers to a data center. If fact, A recent Gartner survey found that 42% of companies with a thousand employees or less had either fully or partially outsourced their data centers, while 28% are planning to do so within the next 12 months.

Much like a mechanic for a car, data center technicians can take care of the maintenance of a server as well. When you outsource your server to a data center, you can focus on what is really important: your customers, saving you time and money.

Managed services from the data center operator of your choice is a wise decision for anyone looking to buy a dedicated server and can drastically reduce the costs of owning and operating a dedicated server.

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