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The Big Switch to Managed Services and Private Cloud

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Customer Big Switch to Managed Services
“Customers don’t want to deal with equipment anymore,” says Yan Ness, Online Tech’s Co-CEO.  We are seeing customers more focused on buying applications than dealing with their servers.  They want to use our fully managed services and HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliant managed server hosting environment rather than do it themselves. “They just want to pay the price and have someone else take care of it.”

Online Tech offers a full range of secure hosting solutions for mission critical applications, including cloud hosting, colocation, managed servers, compliant hosting and disaster recovery.  We recognize that 75% of companies will be outsourcing to the private cloud environment in the next few years.  So, we are making the selling process of those environments easier on our clients.  Mike Klein, Online Tech Co-CEO, explains Online Tech’s Major Data Center Initiatives & Investments.

The Big Switch
Ness refers to Nicolas Carr’s book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google, while discussing the outsourcing trend.  In his book, Carr compares the evolution of the computer industry to the power industry.

A hundred years ago, a lot of companies made their own power because they didn’t trust the utility companies.  Companies believed that the utility companies were dangerous and electricity was confusing and difficult to buy.  “It’s kind of like the internet and the cloud today,” says Ness.  “It’s not that easy, not easy to use, kind of confusing to buy, and it’s still kind of dangerous.  So companies keep control of their IT”.

As Carr explains that the computer industry is in a similar revolution.  “As massive information-processing plants have begun pumping data and software code into our homes and business, it’s computing that’s turning into a utility.”

Ness agrees.  He doesn’t know exactly whether it will be 10 years or 100 years from now, but eventually companies will not be managing their IT anymore.  They will be paying a utility company to get access to their computers, storage, and run their application and servers.

Watch more of Yan in our series of CEO video voices:

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