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Benefits of Managed Dedicated Servers

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When it comes to conducting a cost-benefit analysis of hosting your servers with a third party versus maintaining your own servers, take note that benefits lie primarily in security, support, reliability and scalability. Leaving IT up to the experts can save you time and money better spent on growing your business.

Security – Quality data centers will invest the capital and time to undergo audits to ensure their physical security, logical network security, employee training and company-wide policies and procedures meet national standards. The older standard used originally for financial reporting, SAS 70 (Statement on Auditing Standard), is now replaced by SSAE 16 (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements) and SOC 2/SOC 3 reports to indicate data center excellence.

Managed hosting also provides timely software updates to ensure your servers are protected against any newly developed viruses or malware. Offsite backup is another critical service that could save your business in the event of a disaster by keeping your vital applications and data safe and available.

Expert support – An entire team of experienced, certified and responsive staff can provide 24×7 server monitoring and physical data center monitoring to stay aware of any potential issues.

While companies may not be prepared to invest in an in-house IT team, managed dedicated servers come with a high level of professional support, saving you time and money that can be better spent elsewhere. Cutting down on staff hiring and training can seriously help your bottom line and streamline business operations.

Reliable – When IT is not your industry focus, it can be a substantial burden as you try to manage your own servers. Worries about uptime can slow your business growth and become a distraction.

A managed dedicated server host can provide a quality data center infrastructure to ensure your servers are up and running. Since data centers are their business, they should already have uninterruptible power and network connections with no single point of failure. Why not take advantage of their investments?

Scalable – Dealing with outages when your business is outgrowing product or service demands can be a pain. Managed dedicated server hosts often have additional space available to support your expansion needs.

With the support of professional, experienced staff, you can flawlessly deploy new servers with full expert support. Other additional services can make tasks like updating or monitoring your bandwidth, disk space and CPU usage as easy as logging into a portal and sending requests to your host.

Read more about a fully managed dedicated server case study of a mobile marketing company that was experiencing downtime and needed a new managed server provider, and how Online Tech helped them achieve 100% uptime with quality support and service.

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