No muss, no fuss

Have other things to do besides manage your cloud environment? No worries. Otava managed cloud has you covered. We work with you to determine which cloud servers and configurations you need, deploy and then monitor/manage to keep them running 24/7. Feeling ambitious? Excellent. Let’s build your perfect cloud solution today.

Peace of mind found here

Otava’s managed cloud gives you the ultimate peace of mind by allowing you to focus on application development instead of server management. Eliminate the need for data center resources with our expert staff who will take care of all things maintenance for you. Whether it’s first responder services, patch management or simply someone to make sure your servers are always on, we’ve got your back. Whatever you need, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure you have it.

Think you’re on Cloud Nine? Let’s take it up a notch and get you on Cloud 10.

Cost optimization you won’t find anywhere else

SprawlGuard® technology is a unique, powerful tool included with all Otava cloud services that’s specifically designed to help you manage your cloud spend. You define precise cost centers, and watch SprawlGuard® technology employ advanced usage analytics to manage them. You gain visibility into your overall spend, its changes, and its impact so that you can see and measure potential sprawl in real time.

Powerful security and compliance built from the ground up

Security and compliance are the highest priority for our clients and therefore us. Our data is encrypted in transit and at rest in all of our secure, compliant cloud nodes designed to meet the exacting standards of regulated industries like healthcare, finance and ecommerce. Need further proof? Ask and ye shall receive–we’ll share the results of our independent audits with you.

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