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Online Tech Speaks at Data Security Seminar

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Online Tech’s COO and President Mike Klein will be speaking at the Data Security Seminar hosted by the Kapnick Insurance Group on data security at Kapnick Insurance Group’s Ann Arbor office.

Kapnick Insurance Group
Kapnick Insurance Group

Seminar and presentation topics include data and intellectual property safety, what to do if it is compromised, how much a data breach will cost, and what companies can do to adequately protect themselves from a data breach.

Other panel topics to be discussed include:

  • What to do after you’ve been hacked
  • How to comply with numerous federal regulations, such as HIPAA compliance, HITECH, PCI compliance and state laws governing breach notification rules

The data security panel discussion is open to the public, and will be held December 12, 2011 from 7-9:30pm. Kapnick Insurance Group’s office is located at:

1201 Briarwood Circle
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Other panel discussion participants include:

  • Mark Ford, Privacy and Security Consultant of Deloitte Touche
  • Joseph Dylewski, HIPAA Expert and Consultant of ATMP Solutions
  • Adam Goslin, IT Security Services/PCI Consultant of High Bit Security
  • Stephan Tupper, Attorney
  • Dykema Gossett, Privacy Practice Leader

The panel will be moderated by Stewart Nelson, Account Executive of Kapnick Insurance Group, and a Q&A session will be held after the initial panel discussion.

Who should attend? The data security panel discussion is suited for business owners, executives, managers and IT professionals from any company that store sensitive information or data.

For bios, contact information and driving directions, visit the panel discussion registration.

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