04-11-19 | References

Managed Cloud vs Public Cloud


Managed clouds are as cost-effective as public cloud hosting with the security and reliability of a private cloud. Our clouds are fully managed so you can focus on your applications and not worry about the infrastructure behind them.

Our fully managed cloud servers are designed to assure 100% uptime with a support team dedicated to helping you optimize your environment and minimize costs, as well as complete visibility across your entire hybrid environment.

Concerned about network security? Your managed cloud servers can be secured behind a dedicated firewall with IDS and IPS that is configured to your specifications.

Concerned about disaster recovery? We offer fully managed Disaster Recovery as a Service, so you’re always up and running, even in an emergency.

Our managed public cloud with SprawlGuard™ protection will help you analyze and control your monthly costs, not just in your public cloud spend but across your entire hosted environment.

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