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Newest Online Tech Team Members Encompass Company’s Culture of Compliance

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Online Tech has been bullish on growth recently. We announced a fourth Michigan data center, doubled both our employee count and the square footage at our company headquarters, and have plans to spread our roots across the Midwest.

But rest assured, none of that growth will come at the expense of our focus on security and compliance standards. In fact, our most recent additions only strengthened that mission.

Meet Nicholas Lumsden and Judson Pitt. Lumsden is our new Director of Infrastructure and Pitt an Enterprise Architect. Both have extensive healthcare IT experience and bring an expert understanding of HIPAA compliance to Online Tech’s range of hosting options. (See full press release.)

Lumsden, a Michigan native, returned to the Great Lake State after working as the principal technical architect at Inovalon, a healthcare data analytics company based in the Washington DC area.

Pitt was previously the Director of Information Technology at Hospice of Northwest Ohio, extending a healthcare-focused career that includes seven years in various roles at ProMedica Health Systems. He is now responsible for everything within Online Tech’s four Michigan data centers, from the generators to the cooling systems to the server infrastructures to the individual racks.

“From a HIPAA standpoint, I understand quite well what it takes to protect patient data,” Lumsden said. “You have to balance concerns like availability, reliability and performance against securing that information. Security is paramount. The worst thing that can happen in the healthcare space is that information gets in the hands of somebody malicious.”

In a previous position, Pitt formed a business agreement with Online Tech to build a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based network. Now he’s helping to create similar systems for current and future Online Tech clients.

“I’ve been through it, can easily speak to it and understand which systems to put in place,” Pitt said. “I’ve been in those shoes and can make the best recommendation. Online Tech is doing things no other data hosting company is doing, and doing it in a way that no other company can keep up with.”

Interested in joining Online Tech? Check out our Careers page for current job listings.

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