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Mitigating New Cyber Threats Targeting Michigan Businesses with Secure Michigan Hosting

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The Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan has posted an alert on new cyber threats that Michigan businesses should watch out for in 2013:

  • Cloud-Based Botnets: Cloud computing allows businesses to quickly scale computing power up or down, creating the potential for massive virtual networks to simultaneously send thousands of spam emails. A growing concern is that cloud computing resources will be purchased using credit card information obtained from phishing schemes.
  • Search History Poisoning: Hackers attempt to bump illegitimate websites to the top of search engine results, and now, try to manipulate individuals’ search histories—according to the Emerging Cyber Threats Report 2013 from Georgia Tech. Compromised search histories can follow users from computer to computer, perpetuating the inaccurate results and increasing the likelihood of visiting malicious websites.
  • Mobile Wallet Vulnerabilities: Near field communication, or NFC—a technology which allows two devices to exchange data when in the proximity of each other—is being considered by many smartphone manufacturers, retailers and airlines. With this technology, near field scanners may attempt to capture stored credit card information from passersby.
  • Malicious Mobile Apps: The Internet Crime Complaint Center recently issued an alert on malware in Android applications. As the market for mobile applications expands, it is likely that this problem will increase. Read more about mobile device and application security in our Mobile Security white paper.
  • Counterfeit QR Codes: A Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional scannable barcode that directs smartphone users to websites or downloadable content. Counterfeit QR Codes—often adhered over legitimate codes and unknowingly scanned—can download malware or lead to unsecure websites.

In effort to advance Michigan’s cybersecurity awareness among businesses, consumers and state government, the Michigan Cyber Range was launched recently to prepare professionals to detect and prevent cyber attacks. The range puts people in real-world settings to simulate an actual threat.

The range also showcases courses and events that allow professionals to become certified in the information security field, including titles such as Certified Information Systems Security Officer (CISSO), Certified Web Application Engineer (CSWAE), Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer (CDRE) and others. Find a full list of course descriptions on the Merit Michigan Cyber Range course offerings website.

To reduce risk of data loss and potential fraud or identity theft, Michigan businesses can turn to secure Michigan hosting providers for their data protection services, and to take advantage of the investments made in data center security and maintenance. When it comes to compliance needs for the retail or healthcare industries, Michigan businesses should seek PCI hosting and HIPAA hosting providers that can provide an audit report to verify that the design of their environmental, technical and administrative controls are operating at the highest level of security.

Michigan data centers are also an ideal location for data hosting due to the low risk of natural disaster, natural cooling, and cost-efficient services. Find out which audits and compliance reports to ask for when seeking a Michigan hosting provider in our Data Center Standards Cheat Sheet – From HIPAA to SOC 2.

About the Michigan Cyber Range
This course is presented through the facilities of the Michigan Cyber Range, and all exercises will be conducted within the Cyber Range infrastructure. Hosted by Merit Network, the Michigan Cyber Range enables individuals and organizations to develop detection and reaction skills through simulations and exercises. The program offers students and IT professionals a full curriculum of meetings and workshops as well as critical cybersecurity training and awareness tools. More information on the Michigan Cyber Range can be found at www.merit.edu/cyberrange.

Cyberthreats of 2013

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