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How Cloud Computing is Used in Various Industries

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The popularity of cloud computing is growing among almost all industry verticals. Organizations are beginning to realize that cloud computing doesn’t just improve their IT functions, it provides cost savings and numerous other benefits, too. They now view cloud computing as a major gateway to success in more competitive marketplaces where the cloud can completely change the operations of the business. Here’s a look at how some industries are adopting cloud computing: 


Insurance agencies prefer to utilize private or hybrid cloud environments to secure sensitive data. The move to the cloud helps insurance agencies reduce operational costs, enable digital innovation, and scale computing resources as the agency grows. In a report by Novarica, cloud computing has become mainstream. More than 70% of insurance agencies are already using some sort of cloud technology, but only 10% are running infrastructure in the cloud. The transition to cloud infrastructure is imminent as insurance agencies’ data grows and the cost of maintaining that data on-premise increases.  


Offloading administrative functions to the cloud is popular among banks. This may include email, file sharing, and non-sensitive data storage. Hybrid cloud strategies are common among banks looking to safeguard mission-critical data on-premise and move non-critical data to the cloud.  


Healthcare once viewed the cloud as a mechanism for simple, easy data storage. Now, healthcare providers are looking at cloud computing as a way to ensure the 24/7 availability of patient records and personalize patient care. Cloud computing offers healthcare providers a way to cut costs and improve the quality of care. Compliancy is a major concern among healthcare providers who deal with sensitive patient information and must meet HIPAA regulations. Cloud computing from HIPAA compliant clouds can ensure data security audits will be passed. 


Most education institutions once made large investments in on-premises computing solutions. This has shifted to the cloud computing and virtualization model over time as IT professionals in this sector began to realize the inherent benefits. These include empowering students and teachers with virtualized desktops and servers, maximum software/application up-time, and much more.   


Collections agencies are rapidly adopting the cloud. A lack of IT expertise, changing to an operating costs model, and meeting compliance regulations are among the many reasons this transition is becoming more popular. Public and hybrid clouds are popular among this sector where critical applications can be stored at a cost-effective price in the cloud and data recovery plans can pass audits with flying colors.  

The Bottom Line 

All industry sectors have something to gain from moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Whether it be maximum up-time, scalability, or cost savings, Otava’s public, private, and hybrid clouds can be customized to your organization’s unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our cloud computing services. 

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