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Backup video series: Why many companies don’t have a data backup plan

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Note: This is the second in a 12-part data backup video series by Online Tech Senior Product Architect Steve Aiello. View the entire backup video series.

Why would a company NOT have a data backup plan? Though it’s certainly not a recommended approach, there are some rationale that makes it understandable:

1) Tough to manage: Businesses don’t have available man hours to manage a backup solution.

2)  Lack technical experience.

3) Not a core competency: Data security just may not be their mindset.

Aiello points out that while he and other Online Tech team members “are paid to focus on your data and your security,” he understands those running a law firm or restaurant, for instance, have their mindset wrapped up in their own day-to-day tasks.

“Having a partner that that’s their job and that’s what they’re focused on, that’s really where the value comes in,” Aiello said. “You can focus on your law practice … and you can let us focus on your data security and your backups.”

This video series will continue throughout February. Check back for new entries every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Up next: “What is the Biggest Obstacle to Successful Data Backup Plans?”

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