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2021 State of the Cloud- Big Rocks include Cloud Security, Spend, Governance and Expertise

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Cloud and COVID-19
When asked whether COVID-19 had affected their cloud strategy, 90 percent of respondents to the Flexera State of the Cloud Report said cloud usage is higher than initially planned. Multi cloud strategies are increasing as well, with organizations using an average of 2.7 private clouds and 2.6 public clouds.

With the increase in cloud adoption (particularly public cloud) comes an increase in spend — at least 36 percent of enterprises reported spending more than $1 million each month in public cloud. That’s a lot of dough. This matches up to some recent observations regarding Accelerated Cloud Adoption, an ever so slight silver lining for business during Covid.

Top challenges: Cloud Security, Spend, Governance and Expertise
With all that extra spending on cloud, numerous challenges pop up. Cloud Security topped the list, with 81 percent of respondents citing it as a top challenge. Managing cloud spend came in second at 79 percent and 75 percent of respondents all cited cloud governance, lack of expertise and compliance as their biggest challenge. It’s interesting to note that even though enterprises, with their large teams and large(r) budgets, gain more experience using cloud with each passing year, security still ranks as their top challenge year over year.

So, how can one overcome these challenges? It’s all about how you use the resources available to you and asking for outside help when you need it. Cloud security is an especially tricky beast to handle on your own as it can be difficult to hire (and retain) the right people. A good service provider goes a long way here. They can supplement your in-house resources and should be able to support (if not manage for you) your cloud computing security, compliance and governance policies.

For a majority of respondents, especially enterprises, outsourcing a part of their cloud strategy does appear to be a priority. 61 percent are outsourcing at least some cloud work, while interestingly, 29 percent are engaging cloud managed service providers (MSPs) for most of their public cloud use. The staffing and resource gaps continue to grow sometimes delaying transformation efforts and casting doubts on compliance. Partnering with a compliant Cloud Services provider may be the best way to close the skills gap at your organization. 

Don’t forget about private cloud
Despite the adoption rates of public cloud, private cloud is still very much in the mix. Nearly 40 percent of enterprise respondents use VMware’s vSphere as their private cloud solution, while SMB respondents prefer Microsoft Azure Stack for their private cloud.

Other notable findings
Here are a few extra tidbits from the report:

  • Containers are now mainstream: 53 percent of organizations use Docker, while 48 percent use Kubernetes, a container orchestration tool that leverages Docker.
  • Maturity affects public cloud provider choice: Cloud maturity, or the length of time an organization has been using the cloud, is determined by the time it takes to build cloud expertise and create processes and best practices across the organization.
  • Cloud configuration tools are shifting: Terraform, used by 36 percent of respondents, leads among all configuration tools. Ansible, Chef and Puppet all follow.

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