Think you know cloud? Think again.

Crank up your business with Otava Cloud, a simple way to enable bold business transformation even in data-sensitive environments. Built on VMware’s Cloud Director, Otava Cloud gives enterprises the power to innovate and the tools to efficiently expand their cloud offerings, all within a framework of robust security. As a Strong Performer in the Forrester WaveTM, and one of their top 11 private cloud providers, we know what it takes to provide powerful cloud services. Otava Cloud is available in three flavors, all of which are easy to view and manage with a simple user interface. Don’t let your data requirements box you in. Dream big. Otava’s got your back.

Otava Cloud Platform Overview

How does it work? We’re glad you asked.


Watch our video demo to take a glimpse into the Gen³ Cloud Platform and dive into the many exciting features and functions that are available. By the end, you’ll see what we mean when we say we make cloud, easy. Otava easy.

This is where cloud gets real.

Otava Cloud offers simple-to-use cloud services that put you in control. That’s it. Built on the latest Cloud Director infrastructure from VMware, you can easily add or remove resources, configure your environment, and dream big. Plus, prepackaged services are tailored to your unique needs, with backup and continuity tools at your fingertips.

Flexible models to fit your business needs

Key features

  • Reduce complexity with our simple single pane of glass interface & control plane with the built-in tools and plugins to simplify setup and management of environments
  • Improve business agility and speed time to revenue by combining service blueprints for rapid deployments with ability to scale resources up/down to keep pace with changing markets
  • Control costs and manage allocation and quotas with our three product flavors and on-demand consumption reporting.
  • Delegate control with self-service role-based access of applications, infrastructure and networking management to teams
  • Manage backup and continuity with integrated Veeam and VMware tools enabling organizations to fully protect workloads and data, quickly and easily
  • Improve ARPU with integrated backup and continuity solutions

How it works

Otava cloud, orchestrated by VMware’s Cloud Director, provides a complete software-defined architecture for today’s application hosting requirements. Layer additional solutions and services, to add value, functionality and flexibility to meet strategic goals and objectives today and into the future. The Otava Cloud platform is our governance, monitoring and management layer. These tools are available in self-service models and enable full transparency into setup, management, performance, consumption and billing.


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