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Accelerated Cloud Adoption: A Silver Lining?

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Rapid Cloudification Accelerates Digital Transformation Benefits

“The pandemic validated cloud’s value proposition” says a recent quote from Gartner. This statement is backed by statistics showing increases in cloud IT spend; 9.1% in 2020 to a predicted 14.2% by 2024. For many businesses, the pandemic accelerated their rate of Cloud and Hybrid Cloud adoption. Expediting the move to cloud, remote workforce requirements and new customer servicing models became a matter of survival. There are some excellent economic proof points supporting today’s business cloudification (vis-à-vis digital transformation.) In Gartner’s Top Priorities for Finance Leaders in 2021, 300 CFOs and business financial leaders expect to spend substantially more time and money on digitalization efforts. The report goes on to breakdown CFO digitalization priorities including AI, analytics and enterprise-wide digital governance. One of the more interesting CFO priorities in this report is “staff engagement and retention.” As every IT leader in the world realizes today, closing the cloud skills gap in IT and IT employee retention are key components of a successful digital transformation.

Another 2020 Lesson, Don’t Go It Alone

Research firm Market to Market projects the Cloud Managed Services Market will grow from $62.4B in 2020 to $116.2B in 2025. That’s a CAGR of over 13%. It’s not a huge leap to assume that IT resource gaps as well as security and compliance requirements are helping fuel that growth. Improved network resilience, 24/7 best in class monitoring and resolution and compliant data protection are all contributors to growth in fully managed cloud services. A trusted Cloud Services partner brings not only design and support resources to hybrid and private cloud, they can also improve security. Security Magazine reportsLarge cloud providers saw tremendous security gains over the last year, and are 46% less likely to suffer a breach than large enterprises.” Gartner also predicts that public cloud for infrastructure workloads will suffer at least 60% fewer security incidents than data centers.

Assure Compliance

 Assure that all of your Cloud Solutions and managed cloud services are provided by a certified compliant Cloud Service Provider.  The top providers will offer “industry best” design, security, IT, business continuity/backup and operational assurance services. As Brad Cheedle, CEO of Otava is quoted in a recent interview about partnering to provide compliant cloud services with an important MSP partner “By joining forces, we are making it easier and faster for companies to obtain fully managed digital applications that are secure and compliant end to end — starting at the application layer and all the way through our hosted infrastructure.

Additional Information

To understand more about how security and compliance can save you and your customers, you might be interested in watching the Otava Security and Compliance Webinar (full recording and presentation)

Tools to Assist Security, Compliance and Improved Cloud Economics

The speed of change and adaptation in today’s IT arena is highly exacerbated by the buildout of hybrid and multi-cloud networks. The adoption of SaaS as a supplemental or even primary source of application and information management adds even more layers of complexity and security concerns.

6 ways Cloud Improves your Business

Reduced operating and capital costs, increased agility and flexibility, better resource utilization and improvements in environmental impacts.

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