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Why Is It So Hard to Secure a Company? Security Expert Answers Tuesday

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Online Tech is excited to welcome back Adam Goslin, COO of High Bit Security, to host the latest in our ‘Tuesday at 2’ educational webinar series. He’ll lead “Why is it So Hard to Secure a Company?” at 2 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 16. (More details and registration)

Goslin, who’ll be leading his eighth security-focused session for Online Tech, had a distinguished IT career before founding Rochester, Mich.-based High Bit Security, which provides penetration testing solutions to healthcare, financial and other clients that must protect sensitive data.

He’s an expert at battling cybercrime and preventing data breaches. So, this seemed like a logical question to ask: “Can you tell us, in one sentence, why is it so hard to secure a company?”

Goslin’s answer, after a laugh, was six sentences long.

Alas, protecting sensitive data is a dilemma that doesn’t have one simple solution. So Goslin will address many layers in his hour-long presentation – from the latest information on cyber theft to security challenges facing businesses today to reviewing security testing solutions.

But, Adam, why is it so hard?

“First and foremost, when it comes down to the reality of even knowing if a business is secure, executives are putting too much faith in their existing IT staff or providers,” Goslin said. “The second part is that there are just so many things in an organization that have the capability of opening up security holes.”

Goslin will cover each of those potential security gaps during his presentation, which “at its most basic element aims to improve the education and awareness of business owners, executives and leadership about the complexities of security; and that there are a lot of things that need to be addressed, and the implications of not addressing them.”

While reviewing High Bit Security’s clients from all of 2012, Goslin found that 100 percent of companies that had never performed proactive testing found that they had serious vulnerabilities in their systems.

“My real hope with this session is that somewhere a light bulb goes off and somebody does something proactive about security,” Goslin said. “And that they do it before finding out about their vulnerabilities in a way they wish they hadn’t.”

Adam GoslinAdam Goslin, COO, High Bit Security, LLC

Adam has an IT career that spans more than 15 years, going on to found High Bit Security, a national security services provider, providing penetration testing solutions to clients who need to protect sensitive data in industries such as Healthcare, Credit Card, Financial, or companies that otherwise store Intellectual Property or Personally Identifiable Information. High Bit Security also provides security consulting services to our clients to assist them with their compliance objectives across PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, or simply wish to perform a security best practices audit of their organization. www.HighBitSecurity.com

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