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When Data Centers Come to Town

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I have written a lot about what companies should look for in a location when deciding to build or partner with a data center.  After the location has been decided upon, what happens when a data center decides to come to town?

“Economic developers love data centers,” says Yan Ness, Online Tech Co-CEO.   Typically, data centers do not hire a lot of people like a plant would.  However, economic developers see data centers as a supporting entity for their technology corridor.

To have a highly active technology corridor, you need local capability and access to highly trained, educated people.  For example, technology companies can’t be successful if there is not a single intellectual property lawyer in town or an accountant that does not know how to depreciate software.  Companies will end up leaving those areas because they can’t get the supporting local help that they need.  The same goes for data centers.

We are seen as an important piece of the technology corridor infrastructure.  Economic developers celebrate that local technology companies can purchase colocation, cloud hosting, and managed server services from a local business versus an out-of-state company such as Google or Amazon.  Buying local brings local jobs.

Recently Online Tech, Michigan’s premier data center operator, announced a $1.5 million investment in their Mid-Michigan Data Center located in Flint, Michigan.  Two additional 1-megawatt generators for additional backup capacity will be added as well as plans to hire 7 to 8 more technical staff over the next 12 to 18 months.

It was an abandoned site built by EDS for General Motor’s disaster recovery data center, but now serves as a world-class data center offering premier hosting facilities for mid-sized firms.  In 2011, Online Tech invested $1 million dollars upgrading its UPS systems and maximizing efficiencies.  Learn more about UPS Upgrades at the Mid-Michigan Data Center.

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