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Upcoming Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery Events

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Disaster recovery and backup are critical for businesses in the event of a disaster – risking data loss can severely impact your bottom line in addition to the survival of your company. But preparation can reduce costs, decrease recovery times and increase data recovery accuracy. Designing and testing a formal disaster recovery plan can help your organization meet security regulations for PCI or HIPAA compliant hosting as well as strengthen your ability to bounce back in the event of a disaster.

Online Tech is sponsoring an upcoming 7×24 Exchange event on disaster recovery in Southfield, Michigan on September 22. Presenter Steven J. Gold, Infrastructure Consultant at SJG Consultants, will share his personal experience recovering from an IT disaster. Focusing on design for recovery principles for business continuity as well as how applying ‘green design’ can reduce costs and shorten recovery times after certain disasters.

The event is titled “The Fire is Out and It Became Worse Than I Thought: How a Small Incident Turns Into a Major Disaster.” The event will be held Thursday, September 22nd from 4-7:30 PM, and the presentation begins at 5pm.


Pi Banquet Hall
28775 Franklin Rd, Southfield, MI 48034
Southwest corner of 12 Mile Rd. and Northwestern Highway.

With over 30 years of experience in Information Technology and Data Center Operations & Infrastructure, Steven has a diverse wealth of experience ranging from mainframe systems programming to designing and building the Network Operations Center and associate data center for the Internet backbone. His special interests include environmentally responsible green data center design, infrastructure energy efficiency and disaster recovery.

Online Tech’s CEO Yan Ness will also be presenting at 7×24 Exchange’s November national event on cloud computing and disaster recovery at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ.

Read more about the Benefits of Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing, an exclusive E-Tip from Online Tech about cost-effectiveness, rapid provisioning, scalability and elasticity, and how businesses can leverage cloud computing for better disaster recovery plans.

How a Small Incident Turns into a Major Disaster - An IT Disaster Recovery Webinar
How a Small Incident Turns into a Major Disaster – An IT Disaster Recovery Webinar

In case you can’t make it to Southfield (or Michigan) and still want to hear about his experience and valuable lessons learned, head over to our IT disaster recovery webinar page and sign up for a free session you can listen in on. Starting at 2pm ET September 20, 2011, this webinar is open to everyone and recommended for any businesses seeking to implement or improve on their disaster recovery plan.

Have questions about starting a backup or disaster recovery plan? Contact Online Tech today.

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