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The Essential Relationship: Digital Transformation and Disaster Recovery

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The Forbes article goes on to say “95% [of executives] look for new ways to service customers and 79% say Covid-19 increased budgets for digital transformation.” With all of the focus on the changes and improvements in customer service models during the pandemic, there are two primary areas that require additional attention in today’s digital transformation effort:

  • 2020’s pandemic related distribution of employees and resources that service or support the customer.
  • Need for additional experienced Cloud resources to build, monitor and ensure survivability of the digitally transformed environments.

Both of these points speak to the access, distribution and safety of customer data which is of primary concern in all Digital Transformation plans. With data safety and business continuity in mind, the transformation plan must include reliable, automated, and compliant back-up and Disaster Recovery services.  Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) can automate data protection for highly distributed employee endpoints and also provide enhanced survivability for your operational backbone and digital platform.

DRaaS Extends Your Team’s Cloud IT Capabilities and Backs Up Customer Data Everywhere

Digital transformation requires DRaaS that can be deployed anywhere, anytime. Regardless of what cloud provider you choose or global regions your business operates in, recovery of the digitally transformed environment must be dependable and, for some resources or workloads, almost instantaneous. To make your data fully recoverable regardless of employee or cloud location, DRaaS used in conjunction with a self-managed or fully-managed cloud backup answers the compliance and survivability requirements of a widely distributed workforce. DRaaS and managed cloud backup should provide the following to the Digital Transformation effort:

  • Automated set up and execution of a failover
  • Unlimited DR tests at any time without affecting production
  • Protect virtualized applications anywhere around the world
  • Graphical interface to perform a DR test/failover
  • Custom built DR runbook
  • Aggressive RTOs and guaranteed RPOs with commensurate SLAs
  • Automated 24/7/365 backup, restoration and granular control
  • Instant VM and file level recovery

And finally, IT should benefit from the knowledge and staff extension included in fully managed DRaaS and backup solutions. Providing industry best expertise to support your digital transformations and expert guidance on how to ensure complete protection across application stacks and minimize disruption to your mission-critical applications and business processes.

Managed or self-managed Disaster Recovery and Backup options

Business Transformation, Disaster Recovery, RTO/RPO, Backup and business continuity can all be very complex issues. A disaster can have real impact on a transforming business and cause a significant loss of revenue or even force a business to close if they don’t have a proper, working DR plan. That’s why it’s never been more important to have a disaster recovery plan tested and in place. If you’re ready to put your organization, large or small, digitally transformed or not, into a high state of IT resiliency, we can help! Otava’s disaster recovery as a service, powered by Zerto, helps you stay up and running in the face of cyber-attacks, natural disasters and system failures. To eliminate the fear of missing backups (regardless of location) or inability to instantly restore, consider Otava managed cloud backup. With our trained backup specialist team behind you, you can focus on delivering services to your customers with complete confidence, no matter what. Together, we got this!


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