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The Encrypted Cloud: Mission Critical Applications, Security and Regulatory Compliance

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Recently Online Tech has released their next generation cloud offering that serves clients with mission-critical applications or sensitive data. I had a chance to speak with Mike Klein, Co-CEO, about the new encrypted cloud.

According to Klein, Online Tech’s encrypted cloud focuses on three things: mission critical applications, regulatory compliance and security.

Mission Critical Applications – The main focus behind the encrypted cloud was offering customers with mission-critical applications the highest performance and the highest reliability. Clients who have applications running in Online Tech’s cloud environment can be assured that the internet will be always connected, power will be always on and compute services will be always available.

This high reliability is possible since the encrypted cloud is built in a totally redundant environment. A host can fail and there is automatic failover of servers. Power can fail and there is automatic failover for power. If there is fault in the network connection there is automatic failover in our networking, says Klein.

Many of Online Tech’s customers, especially those who need to be PCI and HIPAA compliant, have struggled with encrypting data while maintaining high performance.  Online Tech’s cloud enterprise infrastructure uses high-performance EMC VMAX SANs to encrypt data at rest with no impact on cloud performance. This is particularly important for cloud customers who are hosting mission-critical applications.

Regulatory Compliance – Online Tech is extremely focused on the compliance market and undergo independent annual audits for HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and Safe Harbor. In fact, many clients have been drawn to Online Tech because they are one of the only companies that have been through an Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Audit Protocol for HIPAA, says Klein.

Security – Online Tech’s encrypted cloud is wrapped in a security envelope.  All the security prescribed by PCI, requested by HIPAA, and used to protect personal information is included with a full suite of security tools including daily log review, two-factor authentication, file integrity monitoring, web application firewalls and more.

To learn more about encryption and HIPAA, join us for a free webinar on how to implement the HHS encryption standards to protect PHI with Brian Balow of Dickinson Wright and April Sage of Online Tech. Tomorrow at 2PM ET – sign up online.

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