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Password Tools to Strengthen Your Security Online

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During this age of great data security risks and constant attempts by organizations to gain access to valuable restricted data it is essential to have a solid password to protect this information.

In my personal experiences I have found that the average user tends to gravitate towards simple and easy to remember passwords. This is understandable since I have often found myself locked out from some essential software even protected with a simple password that I could not remember.

However you cannot rely on a simple, easy to remember password to protect your vital data.

There are many tools that can be easily found on the internet and in no time even an individual with very little programming skills can use these tools, gaining access to your information. In my various searches I have come across a few essential tools to help craft strong passwords that are unlikely to be broken.

The first tool is essentially a java based random password generator which provides you with several options for customization such as password length and an option to include symbols. You can find this tool at http://strongpasswordgenerator.com/. This will provide you with a good password base or when you need a password on the fly.

The second tool is located at https://www.microsoft.com/protect/fraud/passwords/checker.aspx and is essentially a password strength checker created by Microsoft. After assembling a password it is often a good idea to determine if this new password will stand up against the strong password standards. You can determine the strength of any password by entering it into the password check box on this page. Using these tools it is easy to secure your data with a strong password that will not be easily broken.

What do you use to ensure a strong password?

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