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OTAVA® Helps Healthcare Provider Rebound from Ransomware 

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About The Client

This nationwide healthcare provider has over 10+ locations and over 1,000 dedicated employees. They understand the importance of uninterrupted service because they have a reputation for exceeding national benchmarks for clinical quality, prioritizing patient experience, and being a top provider.

The Challenge

Healthcare organizations continue to experience the highest data breach cost of all industries. This healthcare provider suffered a ransomware attack due to improper security controls, policy enforcement, and segmentation. The attack started at one location and rapidly spread throughout the environment, resulting in a complete loss of functionality across all sites. The ransomware affected vital systems, IT infrastructure, and desktop environments throughout their network. This had far-reaching consequences for all departments and locations, requiring an urgent and efficient response. The healthcare provider’s internal IT team needed outside assistance to resolve the issue and avoid costly ransom payments for data recovery. 

The healthcare provider turned to OTAVA for help. This partnership proved to be invaluable in getting the healthcare provider back on track without giving in to the attackers’ demands.

The Solution

OTAVA quickly deployed resources to respond to the crisis. The OTAVA team temporarily provided additional IT resources to minimize the issue’s spread and executed a well-orchestrated plan to restore the healthcare provider’s server infrastructure.

The complex recovery effort was completed in under 72 hours instead of the average recovery time of 22 days and gave them access to their production environment, residing in OTAVA’s data center. Furthermore, OTAVA deployed a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) across all its infrastructure.

The Results

After experiencing the ransomware incident, OTAVA was able to provide several significant benefits: 

  • Faster Time-to-Recovery: The healthcare provider recovered quickly (~3x faster than the average), minimizing disruptions to patient care and preserving revenue streams and daily business operations.
  • Enhanced Protection Against Cyber Threats: OTAVA’s ongoing collaboration with the healthcare provider goes beyond recovery. It encompasses a strategic security transformation that safeguards sensitive data and positions the organization for long-term success.
  • Compliance: The healthcare provider was able to remain in compliance with HIPAA and reduced the risk of future data breaches along with legal & reputational consequences. 


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