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Otava and Gallagher Kaiser featured on Automation Alley Technology in Industry Reveal series

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The interview was conducted as part of the debut of Automation Alley’s Technology in Industry Reveal 4.0 event, a livestream series featuring Tom Kelly and the key contributors from industry and academia as they break down emerging technology trends, case studies and action items for the automotive and manufacturing industry. Rick Bertoncin, Director of Technology and Security at Gallagher Kaiser, chatted about data protection services Otava is providing that would meet the Automotive Industry Action Group’s new security requirements.

Check out below to learn how Otava was able to create a custom solution for Gallagher-Kaiser that meet automotive industry action groups’ new third-party information security requirements and how these lessons can translate to success for your business:

–> Want to learn more about how Gallagher Kaiser partnered with Otava for their security and data protection needs? Check out the case study here.

Ready to talk to someone about your data security and protection options? We can help. Otava offers a complete portfolio of secure, compliant cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure your business (and its data) is always on and always available. Contact us or email us to get started.

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