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Online Technologies Corporation Announces Major Build-Out

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Ann Arbor Facility Expands Data Center and Network Capacity

Ann Arbor, MI—January 4, 2007—Online Technologies Corporation announces today that it has completed a large build-out to expand data center and network capacity at its primary data center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The build-out encompassed additional network capacity, specialized air conditioning systems, power transformers and uninterruptible power supplies that will boost capacity and connectivity in Ann Arbor. The build-out will accelerate Online Technologies Corporation’s growth of existing services by providing additional capacity and also by enabling a new tape-less backup service.

Driving the demand for additional capacity is the explosive growth of Southeast Michigan’s burgeoning high-tech community. “The local economic development activity is paying off. We’re seeing a surge in demand in this region from the areas growing internet based companies,” said Ty Myers, vice president of sales. “The nature of Internet companies is that they play on a global arena and so they require world-class infrastructure. OTC, as a local provider with industrial strength offerings, is a strategic advancategorye to them.”

“Online Technologies’ major expansion is one more success story coming out of the Ann Arbor region and Michigan. They support and are joined by over 40 innovative, technology-based companies which have relocated, expanded and started in our area within the last 5 years,” said Michael A. Finney, CEO, Ann Arbor SPARK. “The Ann Arbor region has created an economic climate that is establishing Michigan as the location for tech savvy companies.”

The build out includes new more environmentally friendly air conditioning systems that use outside air during the winter months. “Cooling has become a big challenge for data centers. We’re glad to leverage Michigan’s weather and break ground on new and innovative ways to more cost-effectively keep up with those challenges,” said Dale Adkins, VP of customer service and operations.

Also included in the build-out is additional network and storage infrastructure for a tape-less backup service between Online Technologies’ data centers. Online Technologies Corporation’s tape-less backup offering will allow customers in one data center to backup their systems through Online Technologies’ private network to another data center. This will provide Online Technologies Corporation customers cost-effective offsite backup for extremely large amounts of data with no tape and no human intervention.

“This infrastructure investment lays the groundwork for the significant growth we project in 2007,” said Yan Ness, President and CEO.

“Since OTC’s founding more than 12 years ago, OTC has remained committed to continuously improving our infrastructure with new innovations and new capacity, all based on customer input, customers’ needs, and industry best practices,” said Adkins. “These upgrades are another demonstration of our leadership.”

Online Tech is Michigan’s Fort Knox for computing and data. Our secure, highly reliable data centers provide the infrastructure to ensure our clients’ computers are always on; their data is always safe, and they are always connected to the Internet.

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