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Online Technologies Corporation Achieves Record Revenue Growth for 2005

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Online Technologies Breaks 2004 Record with 83-Percent Revenue Growth

Ann Arbor, MI—January 19, 2006Online Technologies Corporation announces it achieved record growth for calendar-year 2005. Online Technologies’ sales added 42 new customers and signed 136 new contracts while OTC’s acquisitions added 101 new customers for an 83-percent growth in revenue. Online Technologies Corporation experienced even higher growth rates than its record setting 2004.  During 2005, OTC signed and trained 12 partners.

“The sales and delivery team performed exceptionally well in the fourth quarter. The sales team exceeded their pipeline projections then the delivery team exceeded their efficiency measures. We’ll work to continue that momentum into 2006. The challenge will be managing the growth,” said Bob Palmerton, CFO.

Online Technologies Corporation attributes much of the growth to new products and their customers’ own internal growth. “Our new vCTO service, new data center and new disaster recovery services combined with growth of our early customers drove our 2005 success,” said Ty Myers, vice president of sales and marketing.

Online Technologies Corporation also experienced geographic expansion in 2005, gaining new customers in Cleveland and Indianapolis. “As planned, our partner program is proving to be very cost-effective at gaining business in other geographies. We’ll expand that as we go forward,”  said Myers.

As a result of the growth in orders, OTC will make significant investments in its network and bandwidth. Under development is fiber-based Gigabit Internet bandwidth. This is required for extremely high bandwidth applications. “This network build out will further OTC’s competitive advantage while at the same time provide a local platform for the region’s hot new Internet startups,” said Yan Ness, president and CEO.

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