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Online Tech Update, Major Initiatives & Investments

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Fall has brought a flurry of activity here at Online Tech. It started with the announcement of new investors in the company followed by the leading data center market analyst firm, Tier 1, declaring Online Tech as the undisputed market leader in Michigan.

However, we’re not letting any of that news distract us from our mission of continuing to deliver an exceptional client experience. Over the summer, we continued investing in security, cloud computing and OTPortal. We have also completed another year of external audits to ensure our commitment to compliance. Here are some of the things we’re up to at Online Tech:

Welcome News-Press Gazette:

On September 1st, we announced that the media company News-Press Gazette (NPG) invested $20 million in Online Tech. The employees and management team remain onboard and we’re excited about the growth plan to open more data centers across the Midwest.  Why did a news and television company decide to invest in a data center operator?  Find out why in our press release.

New – PCI Hosting and Security Services:

Earlier this year, we announced the PCI audit for our data centers. This summer, we announced that our compliant private and multi-tenant managed clouds are now also PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) compliant.

What does this mean to your hosting if your application doesn’t require PCI compliance? It means you can now access a much broader range of options to ensure your hosting is secure – including two-factor authentication for VPN, daily log review, file integrity monitoring, web application firewalls, and monthly vulnerability scanning. You can read more on the security section of our website.

OTPortal Enhancements:

We continue to add new features to OTPortal to make it easier for you to monitor and control your hosting. Some of the recent enhancements include:

  • Firewall rule changes – you can now see and change your firewall rules through the portal – including change management tracking for your auditors to see when the rules were changed and who requested the changes.
  • This quarter we will be introducing cloud server controls – you can start, stop and take snapshots of your cloud servers directly through the portal.
  • Online training videos – for users that need to spin up or get a quick refresh on the portal features.
  • Newly redesigned login page featuring educational materials on the latest in the data center industry, such as white papers, webinars, blog articles and more.

We continue to look for suggestions on how we can improve your user experience. Please share with us any suggestions you have to make the portal easier for you get your work done.

Audits and Compliance:

We’ve completed another year of audits – with UHY conducting a year-long audit on SSAE 16 (SOC 1), SOC 2, SOC 3 and HIPAA.  We expect the audit reports to be finalized and available in the next several weeks, and we’re happy to share any or all of these audit reports with you under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).  Here’s a bit of background to show you the extensive level of audits that we’re maintaining:

  • Our SOC 2 audited of 174 control criteria with no exceptions, covering physical security, network security, logical security, training, exception management, policies, communications, system monitoring and delivery of managed services.
  • Our HIPAA Report on Compliance (HROC) found Online Tech’s colocation, private cloud and managed cloud hosting 100% compliant across all 136 HIPAA citations covering Administrative, Physical and Technical Safeguards as required by HITECH.
  • Our PCI Report on Compliance (PROC) audited our colocation and cloud hosting for all 288 PCI requirements with 100% compliance.

Website & Seminars:

If you missed our Fall into IT seminar in September, you can catch the recordings on our website: http://www.onlinetech.com/events/fall-into-it. The seminar included presentations on The Impact of Compliance, BYOD Reality, and The Promises and Challenges of Mobile Health.

We also have a series of webinars on security, HIPAA, mobile applications and PCI. You can register for upcoming webinars and watch previously recorded webinars on our website: http://www.onlinetech.com/events/webinars.

Net Promoter Score:

As I shared in my last letter, we started using the Net Promoter System (NPS) from the book “The Ultimate Question 2.0” by Fred Reichheld to track and measure client satisfaction. We want to consistently deliver an exceptional client experience through our metrics, accountability and visibility.

Our results so far have been impressive – we scored 73% on the Net Promoter Score – joining the ranks of Apple, Amazon and Costco among the industry leaders with the highest customer satisfaction scores. We’re also excited to report that we beat Rackspace by almost 20 points in overall customer satisfaction. Granted, our customer base is smaller than each of these companies. As we grow in size, we recognize our challenge will be to continue to find ways to deliver an exceptional experience for each of our clients.

If you have received and filled out the one-question survey from us, thank you very much. We learn a lot from each of the responses and it helps us achieve our customer satisfaction goals.

Best Regards,
Mike Klein
President & Chief Operating Officer
Online Tech Inc.

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