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Online Tech First in Michigan to Complete SAS 70 Audit for All Three Data Centers

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Update: SAS 70 reports only on controls related to financial reporting. If you need assurance of controls directly related to data centers, including privacy, security and availability, look for a SOC 2 report.
SAS 70 was replaced by SSAE 16 in June 2011.

Managed Data Center Operator Raises the Bar at All of Its Data Centers

(Ann Arbor, MI – March 11, 2009) Online Tech announced today that it has successfully completed its SAS 70 (Statement on Auditing Standards number 70) audit for all three of its Michigan Data Centers. SAS 70 for IT Data Centers is similar to ISO 9000 standards for manufacturing enterprises or Sarbanes-Oxley requirements for publicly traded companies. SAS 70 is a nationally recognized audit standard for evaluating process and security control procedures across the data center.

Online Tech is unique in Michigan in that all three of its data centers have successfully completed a SAS 70 audit.

The independent auditing firm UHY, LLP examined the centers closely, specifically examining control objectives in the areas of organizational structure, governance and administration, physical and environmental controls, physical and network security, and system availability and performance.

Online Tech invested significant time and resources into the SAS 70 audit process to ensure the security, controls, and processes in each of our data centers are closely followed and monitored. “As our client base has expanded to include more publicly held companies and their service providers, we saw the demand to have our data centers undergo a SAS 70 audit” said Yan Ness, CEO of Online Tech. “The audit enhances our ability to support companies facing Sarbanes Oxley requirements when they outsource their data centers through colocation or dedicated server hosting.”

The benefits that SAS 70 audited data centers provide include:

  • Assurance that the internal controls within the data center are in place, are suitably designed, and are operating effectively.
  • Assurance that physical access, IT infrastructure, data and network are secured against certain threats.
  • Assurance that the data center’s control policies and procedures have been evaluated and reviewed by an independent third party.
  • Confidence that colocating with a data center operator that has undergone a SAS 70 audit provides clients the ability to assure their own customers that their data and information is secure, helping them keep, attract, and build their business.

By completing the SAS 70 audit process, Online Tech’s clients have assurance that each of its data centers consistently demonstrates the same high standard of security and control.

About Online Tech

Online Tech (www.onlinetech.com) is Michigan’s premier Managed Data Center Operator. Online Tech helps companies manage their growing demand for data and computing capacity through its SAS-70 secure and reliable multi-tenant data centers. With a full range of colocation, dedicated server hosting and managed service options, industry leaders trust Online Tech to ensure their servers are always on, always online, and always safe.

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