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Online Tech at HIMSS14: Cloud protects PHI with encryption from front end to backup

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If you’re a member of a healthcare company at HIMSS14 this week, chances are you’re looking for innovations to improve patient outcomes at lower costs. As outlined in a recent press release, Online Tech will exhibit its innovative approach to securing patient data by incorporating encryption at the very core of its cloud and backup infrastructure to protect PHI from the front-end of patient portals all the way to the data-at-rest in offsite disaster recovery environments. This approach means PHI is never in an unencrypted state.

At HIMSS booth #3904, Online Tech will have enterprise architects available for one-on-one consultations with companies seeking advice and best practices for health IT architecture, compliance strategies and security for PHI.

Security and healthcare attorney Tatiana Melnik, will be dropping by the booth to answer questions about compliance in the cloud and Online Tech will put a spotlight on customer stories, allowing healthcare organizations like CoherentRx, Annkissam and Rimage Designs to tell their stories about protecting PHI and demonstrating compliance with the encryption requirements of HIPAA. This video of instaRounds CEO & Founder Kurian Thott gives a preview of the case studies that Online Tech will highlight at the event.

Online Tech’s end-to-end encryption addresses one of the most disturbing discoveries by the OCR: encryption is often completely overlooked or not included at the point of implementation.

“One of the key issues facing healthcare CIOs is the security of patient information from end-to-end. We want to protect PHI from the point of access in the cloud by mobile devices, all the way to its long-term storage destination for disaster recovery protection,” Online Tech co-CEO Mike Klein said. “Each stage of its lifecycle is a challenge that can lead to non-compliance with HIPAA, making this an urgent issue to resolve.

“At HIMSS, we will demonstrate how end-to-end encryption solves that non-compliance challenge and keeps confidential patient information secure.”

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