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Client profile: instaRounds revolutionizes the most challenging piece of healthcare

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Online Tech is profiling several clients that will join us at the HIMSS14 annual conference and exhibition on Feb. 23-27 in Orlando. Read more here. Stop by booth #3904 to learn more.

Looking for solutions to the inefficiencies of modern-day healthcare, Dr. Kurian Thott created a communication system that manages and monitors all day-to-day aspects of a healthcare team.

Most critically, Thott notes, the web-based mobile application instaRounds revolutionizes “the most challenging pieces of medicine today” – the point of patient handoff. Thott says instaRounds is the first app to offer a mobile patient sign-out application, where care of a patient goes from one provider to another provider.

instaRounds allows subscribed members of a healthcare team to keep everyone – from care providers to office staff – updated on the status of patients in real time. No more incomplete sign-outs from fellow physicians. And even when physicians aren’t on call, they see what’s going on with their patients and can securely communicate with other members of their call group to consult on patients.

“Giving a steady communication stream that’s seamless and connected to the next provider only enhances what that patient’s experience is going to be like,” Thott says. “Less mistakes, better healthcare, saves everyone money. Everyone’s a winner in that system.”

instaRounds also offers an “MD to MD” communication platform that allows physicians to text other members of a preferred network over HIPAA compliant servers, an on-call schedule so physicians are never left wondering who is caring for patients, and an appointment calendar.

All of this highly-classified functionality is securely hosted on an Online Tech HIPAA-compliant, encypted cloud server.

During Thott’s evaluation of potential hosting partners, he sought out cloud providers that could fulfill the security, compliance and availability requirements to protect the electronic protected health information (ePHI) that instaRounds would be collecting.

He selected Online Tech – the only independently HIPAA audited managed cloud provider – as his trusted hosting business associate. An independent certified HIPAA security specialist found Online Tech to be 100-percent compliant across all 54 standards detailed in the HIPAA Security Rule.

Thott said partnering with Online Tech eliminated “a lot of the back-end, laborious pieces of the puzzle out of our equation” and allowed his team to focus strictly on instaRounds.

“We don’t have to worry about a lot of the regulatory pieces that can stifle innovation and growth,” he said. “Thankfully, Online Tech showed us to be the leader in that.”

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