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Client profile: Annkissam helps nonprofits navigate their HIPAA-sensitive data

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Online Tech is profiling several clients that will join us at the HIMSS14 annual conference and exhibition on Feb. 23-27 in Orlando. Stop by booth #3904 to learn more.

Gavin Murphy helped to grow a healthcare delivery nonprofit from minimal annual revenue to over $100 million in just three years. Understanding and helping to solve the operational bottlenecks that developed convinced him that he could help other nonprofits to do the same, particularly in healthcare.

Murphy and his wife, Mollie Murphy co-founded Cambridge, Mass.-based Annkissam in 2007 to provide innovative, affordable technology solutions for mission-driven organizations, focusing on helping nonprofits and social enterprises navigate their data. Annkissam has grown steadily since then and now provides services to clients in 20+ states with a staff of 24.

“We realized the nonprofit sector is often structurally behind by the latest great technology as well as the latest improvements in operations and we set out to short circuit that pattern and get them the best developments right away,” Murphy said. “We’re not just focused on technology but on improving operations — there are few companies that combine those well.”

Annkissam services include: operations consulting, technology consulting, software development and hosting. Hosting involving healthcare or other secure data requires that all data be fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Annkissam helps growing nonprofits develop custom software to organize everything they do. In healthcare, organizing data and related operations can be especially daunting with HIPAA privacy laws growing increasingly strict as well as the changes being brought online by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Annkissam partnered with Michigan-based Online Tech to make sure client data would be secure through its encrypted compliant cloud, making data safe and accessible.

While other vendors had to scramble looking for last minute quick patches, Online Tech prides itself on staying ahead of an ever-changing environment, going to the root of the problem, Murphy said.

“Our experience was great with Online Tech,” Murphy said. “They’re always looking for structural solutions rather than just plugging the dike. They don’t just treat the symptoms of a problem, they find the root cause and that’s a great approach.”


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