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Online Data Storage Added to Online Tech’s Disaster Recovery Product Line

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Online backup is secure and cost effective with OTVault

Why use online data storage services?

As bandwidth keeps getting cheaper and more accessible, IT departments can reduce costs and improve recovery times without turning to expensive DR products from the likes of Sungard, IBM, or EDS.

For example, Memsic, Inc. of Andover Massachusetts, a producer of sensor technologies, needed online backup that was cost effective and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant for their disaster recovery and they chose OTVault, Online Tech’s new online data storage product.  “With OTVault, our data is securely sent to SAS 70 certified data centers with redundant fail-safe systems. We found OTVault to be a cost effective option for our disaster recovery ” said Cheryl Merino, a Manager at Memsic.

Why choose OTVault?

Unlike other online “vaults” that require you to install special software on all your machines, OTVault maps to a drive on your servers and supports a plethora of protocols – which means you can use your current backup software by simply pointing it to OTVault as the destination.

The backup storage also eliminates the costs of tapes, hardware maintenance, offsite tape delivery and storage, and the personnel costs to manage the tape rotations.

To celebrate the launch, Online Tech is offering an OTVault trial free for 15 days.

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