Different (storage) strokes for different (storage) folks

Your data isn’t one-size-fits-all, so why limit your storage choices? Choose from multiple storage options to fit the unique requirements of your applications and data performance and retention needs.

Our storage offerings:

Performance storage

If you’re looking for high performance storage that when you say “jump” it asks “how high” then look no further. With ridiculously high IOPS, our encrypted, all-flash storage is perfect for the most demanding of workloads and applications. If you’re performing intense database querying, this storage is perfect for you.

Standard storage

Our standard storage is your reliable, trusty workhorse. It’s secure encrypted, compliant available storage right when you need it. Made for those who need high volumes of storage that don’t cramp their performance style.

Cold storage (Long-term data vaulting)

With our fully managed data vaulting solution, adhere to compliance requirements and achieve peace of mind by storing your sensitive data as long as you need. It’s kept securely in the cloud, where it is replicated across multiple storage locations so you can access it whenever and wherever you want.

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