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Employee Spotlight: Karen Maloney and Nick Lumsden

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“Exceptional People Delivering Exceptional Experiences” – It’s what we do for our clients every day. It’s our purpose. It’s our culture.

As we expand (and expand we will), we continue looking for these exceptional people who have a lasting impact on our collective growth and success. Meet a few of the more recent additions to our team who we believe fit the bill:

Karen Maloney, Client Services Manager

Karen has always had a drive to help people. She got a job at the St. John Health System, and became the Desktop Systems Analyst in their IT department. She moved to IBM and became manager of a data center. While she enjoyed working on installations with the systems team, she missed the satisfaction of working with clients. Her next move was as the Manager of Tech Support for Open Market, where she says she learned a lot about managing client expectations, building the customer relationship, and growing her team for 24/7/365 support.  From there she became the Director of Customer Service for a software company, and finally found herself here at Online Tech as our Client Services Manager.

Why Online Tech? Karen says it’s the client-oriented culture. “Online Tech is the most client focused organization I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Knowing client services has the backing of every department is so reassuring for me as a manager”. She also mentioned her team, stating that usually a big struggle with tech companies is having a split between tech focused people and client focused people. “I manage a team that’s a mix of both. It helps ensure the client experience is second to none while we solve issues or concerns, and allows us to recommend processes that will improve our client’s needs.”

Karen says the most exciting part for her, moving forward with Online Tech, is the overall growth. “The growth of Online Tech. Our products, services, and commitment are better than all our competitors. Also, as a manager I enjoy watching my team develop professionally and personally; Watching them grow together and in their own careers. Online Tech’s growth and vision is a well thought out plan, and to be a part of that is very exciting.”

Nick Lumsden, Director of Infrastructure

Nick studied Computer Science at Michigan Technological University, working in several different tech arenas. Doing contracting work with software development out of college, he later started a small business delivering system engineering and software automation solutions. In 2006, Nick joined a growing Lansing company named Medical Site Reviewers (now called Inovalon). In the seven years that followed, Nick relocated to the Washington D.C. area where he experienced the rapid growth of Inovalon to over four thousand employees, taking on progressively more responsibility to become the Director of Infrastructure Engineering and Operations.  From there Nick came to work with us at Online Tech as our Director of Infrastructure.

Our offerings are what really piqued Nick’s interest while he was looking at his options. “The compliant cloud and hosting drew me as a unique niche. It’s a challenge for healthcare and financial organizations to try and find a partner they can trust. I’ve been on the other side of the table, and I know how hard it is. Online Tech is squarely in this arena, and it’s really exciting.”

Nick also believes he has an opportunity to bring a unique mindset to the organization:

“I’ve been through rapid growth, I’ve made the mistakes already, and have come through it with the experiences to help grow and mature the team; to help get us to the next stage.”

The biggest struggle? To Nick, it’s finding the right people. “The biggest challenge will be finding good people to help grow the company, to make sure those people are a part of this organization. That is always the fundamental problem. We’ll grow. We’ll continue to expand. We’ll offer an exceptional experience for our clients…We just need to continue finding great people.”

Are you an exceptional person looking to become part of the Online Tech team? Keep an eye on our careers page to see the opportunities we currently have available, or as we continue adding more positions.

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