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Manage cloud costs with SprawlGuard™

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Hybrid cloud, also known as multi-cloud, continues to grow at a rapid pace. Eighty-five percent of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, increasing from 82 percent in 2016. And according to Rightscale’s 2017 state of the cloud report, companies run 41 percent of workloads in public cloud and 38 percent in private cloud. However, the biggest challenge for cloud users is cost management, and that is because of significant cloud waste that organizations were unaware of. Rightscale also found that cloud users underestimate how much they waste in their cloud spend–sometimes up to 15 less than what they actually spend. Therefore, cloud users are scrambling to optimize their cloud costs–53 percent of them have made it their top priority.

We introduced our managed Microsoft Azure and hybrid cloud services specifically to help clients solve not only the cost management challenges the public cloud presents, but also challenges around resource and talent management and understanding the cloud platform. SprawlGuard™, included as part of our managed Azure services, is designed as a monitoring and notification system to help organizations better monitor and track their spending within public cloud. This protects against cloud waste and helps organizations optimize their costs. It’s easy to view your environment and see how many resources you’re using, how often you use them and how much they cost.

While it’s true that Azure does offer billing alerts within their system, SprawlGuard™ goes beyond that. Azure only lets you define a budget and set simple threshold-level alerts per Azure subscription. Using SprawlGuard™, you can define precise cost centers using a powerful, flexible mechanism that employs advanced usage analysis on a daily basis. This tool can predict and alert you on a monthly spend, giving you total control over your Azure spend management rather than partial control.

We offer the complete optimization experience: Our clouds help you optimize your workloads for the right environment, and SprawlGuard™ helps you optimize your costs specifically within public cloud. We want to help our clients take advantage of everything the cloud and hybrid IT have to offer while still remaining cost effective and easy to manage.

SprawlGuard™ is included with our managed Azure services.

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