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Enterprise Security Requirements: Is Cloud Computing There Yet?

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In David Linthicum’s article “Leveraging Cloud Computing for Business Continuity” in the Summer 2010 edition of Disaster Recovery Journal he argues that in many instances cloud computing is not a fit due to specialized requirement of the applications. He states that many enterprises deal with data that has special security requirements, such as PCI & HIPAA data. I think he was referring to “public clouds”.

That begs the questions if the “public” cloud computing vendors can’t support those apps due to those security requirements maybe it’s time to consider the “private cloud” approach.

A private cloud can often ease security concerns that come with the public cloud because by definition, each client has dedicated hardware to them. There is no sharing of disk space and thus your data is physically separated from others.

While public clouds can not quite meet enterprise level security requirements, private clouds often can.

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