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Effective and Affordable IT Solutions for Non-Profit Community

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Online Tech and npServ™ Combine Resources to Provide Nonprofit Community in Southeast Michigan with Effective and Affordable IT Solutions

Ann Arbor, Michigan- February 27, 2009

The current state of the economy presents many challenges for nonprofits. Like for profit companies, nonprofits need to stretch their resources to do more with less.?

At the same time, societal demand upon the nonprofit community has increased. All too often nonprofits do not have the funding or the equipment needed to operate effectively in a technology-driven business landscape. Many do not have access to the internet, tech support, and basic office functions such as email, shared files, secure data backup and remote access.

NEW is removing the technology hurdle for nonprofits with npServ™, a shared IT services program that enables nonprofits to cut costs, positively impact their business and stay focused on their missions.

Online Tech, the premier Managed Data Center Operator in Michigan, made a generous grant to allow NEW to leverage Online Tech’s data center services through npServ for the benefit of nonprofit clients in Michigan. These services include e-mail, data backup, and web site hosting through donated managed dedicated servers and network storage.

An example of how the program works is well-illustrated by a recent success story in NEW’s I.T. program, npServ,  A Detroit non-profit called and said they had been without email for a week and had no access to their server.

It was near impossible for them to continue to serve their community without being able to access documents and their email.  This organization serves a large minority community through services including HIV/AIDs testing, a daycare, and domestic violence project.

“As we started troubleshooting and eventually added them to our Linux thin client program, we learned that data security was a sensitive issue for the organization.  Not only was there data that needed to be HIPPA compliant, but like many nonprofits, there was staff turnover creating an increasingly difficult challenge in maintaining institutional memory” says Linh Song, Director of npServ.

Installing a fileserver with different permissions was a first step for the organization.  But more importantly, Online Tech needed to make sure their critical data was saved and secure offsite. As a partner of the program, Online Tech was able to make sure they were setup in one of their three Michigan secure datacenters that are also HIPPA Compliant. Online Tech has a growing list of clients that are required to store their data at specially approved, HIPPA compliant datacenters.

The success part of the story is that this organization is now empowered  to understand that there are organizations like NEW and Online Tech who are available and supportive of nonprofit needs. “Like so many nonprofits, we were always struggling with information technology, working with a patchwork of donated hardware and printers. The npServ™ system has helped us advance our technologies in a way we could have never done on our own. This is a great example of how shared services can make a big impact, and ultimately help nonprofits fulfill their missions more efficiently,” says Jimena Loveluck of HIV/AIDS Resource Center (HARC).

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